Changes to the Immigration Rules

18 July 2012

A written ministerial statement has been laid in Parliament outlining a number of changes to the Immigration Rules.

These will come into effect tomorrow (20 July 2012) and have been made following the Supreme Court’s judgment in the cases of Alvi, Munir and Rahman.

The changes will not affect the way we consider applications. They support our ongoing work to simplify the immigration system and ensure that existing policy and guidance is transferred into the Immigration Rules where necessary.

For full details, please see the Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules (Cm 8423) and the explanatory memorandum on the right side of this page.

UK Visa Application Fee Increase

New immigration fees coming 6 April 2012

 Immigration minister Damian Green has issued a written ministerial statement proposing an increase in visa fees, and an increase in UK-based visa application fees.

The proposals will be laid in Parliament in 2 separate regulations and, subject to Parliamentary approval, the government hopes to bring the new fees into force from 6 April 2012.

Immigration minister, Damian Green said:

‘It is only fair that those who use and benefit from the immigration system contribute a higher share of the cost of running it – reducing the burden on the UK taxpayer.’

Fees will increase by only 2 per cent in the majority of cases, but there will be higher increases on certain routes.

A full table of the proposed fees is included in the written ministerial statement, which can be downloaded from the right side of this page.

Change coming for the UK Immigration appeals system

09 December 2011

The Ministry of Justice will be introducing appeal fee charges for some asylum and immigration appeals from 19 December 2011.

People who want to appeal against a decision notice dated 19 December 2011 or later will need to pay a fee. The appeal fee will apply to most categories of visas and decisions. Any exemptions to the fees will be outlined by the Ministry of Justice. This will not affect any decision notices that are dated before 19 December.

Also, from 19 December people will need to lodge their appeals at the tribunal in the UK. They will no longer accept appeals at any of our overseas visa application centres for UK Immigration applications.

Full guidance about the changes will be published on the Ministry of Justice website from 19 December 2011.

How to get English test results fast?

For many visa categories you need English Test results fast. Nowadays the UKBA have limited who can provide these tests and which tests are satisfactory. Our organisation is contacted regularly by many English test providers so we have built up a considerable list of English Test providers in the UK. What is more important though, is that we discuss with these English Test providers regarding the speed at which a client can get a test and more importantly, get their results.

Many times visa applicants find themselves in a situation where they need to obtain their English test results very fast. they may only have a set amount of time left on their visa or they may already have a same day visa appointment booked at the UKBA PEO. Whatever the reason getting your results fast is important so you can get your visa.

If you contact us for a consultant we will be able to liaise with various Test providers who are in direct contact with us to secure you an appointment. This can avoid you paying to return home or missing your PEO sameday visa appointment. IF you find yourself in any of these situations contact us and we can help avoid these issues.

Migration numbers continue to increase despite UK governments draconian cuts

Migration into the United Kingdom this past year reached the greatest level ever since record-keeping begun in 1964 , a strike to Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge to suppress an unparalleled immigration wave .

Migration—defined as being the variance between the amount of individuals who enter into and also leave the country to live—hit 252 ,000 in 2010 , a raise of about 15% over 2009 , based on the Office for National Statistics . Government statisticians stated they think it is probably the largest amount of migration at any time into Britain . The amount was powered by a 591 ,000 rise in immigration and also decreasing emigration , which tumbled to 339 ,000 , the smallest amount ever since 2001 .

While coming to power in May 2010 in a coalition govt , Mr . Cameron’s Conservative Party has got fostered a yearly restriction of 20 ,700 visas for non-European Union employees ; expecting a clampdown on immigrants taking family members into the uk ; and also slash the quantity of schools permitted to enroll overseas college students .

Thursday’s statistics display , yet , that education and learning was the most typical factor mentioned for immigration to the U .K , with 238 ,000 individuals having came to learn in Britain in 2010 , compared to 211 ,000 in 2009 .

Mr . Cameron confronts a complicated managing act between pleasing issues among the broader populace and also British companies who state stricter rules are preventing them from employing overseas employees with crucial expertise , which they are saying exacerbates the economy’s problems . Overseas college students are likewise a large earner for British educational facilities and also have for countless years already been focused as a category of financial progress by British ministers .

Many migrants who are coming to the UK on spouse visas and family visas are currently able to do so freely as rules for this form of migration is not as strict as the work route.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said immigration continues to be returning down because it hit a top in September 2010 , but said much more work was required to be achieved .

He guaranteed to make net migration down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands throughout this Parliament , which should conclude by 2015 .

Whilst the U .K . doesn’t possess the equivalent background of far-right political irritations over immigration that lots of European nations have , the topic has presented a growing role in voting conduct . Labour lawmakers state immigration was a large element in their failure in last year’s elections .

The problem has climbed nationwide issues across European countries after a decade-long blast of immigration resulted in worries of home made terrorism along with the corrosion of local tradition . Additionally , the economic downturn has got improved joblessness , stirring resentment over additional rivalry for work .

The U .K .’s joblessness level is presently 8 .3% , less than almost every other major economies , this means that less folks are shifting from Britain for work factors , based on the ONS .

The figures explain just how a globalized market {like|such as} Britain confronts a challenge to manage immigration . The U .K . does not have any influence over immigration from the European Union granted open-border arrangements with its members . Nevertheless , in spite of Mr . Cameron’s pledge to reduce immigration from outside the EU , upwards of three-quarters of immigrants into Britain originated from the rest of the globe . Virtually fifty percent fresh entrants originated from the Indian subcontinent , which include India and also Pakistan .

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