Document Checking Service

If you have collected the necessary documents and completed your application form, but you are still unsure if you have completed everything correctly or gathered the right documents to satisfy the UKBA requirements then you can use our Document Checking Service for peace of mind.

Document Checking Service: What we do for you?

We will check your documents and application form to ensure there are no problems with your application. We can also advise on the possibility of success based on the information you provide to us. Once we have completed your document check we will return your application pack to you for submission to the UKBA.

If you want to use our Document Checking Service and have your application expedited through our Same Day Visa service you should contact our office so we can organise an appointment at a UKBA PEO to ensure your visa is processed quickly in one day.

Our fee for this service is less than our regular fees as we are not involved in the full assessment of your case and won’t be offering the same advice and guidance to someone who needs to start preparing an application from the beginning. We will make sure you documents and application form that you send us are correct and that they will not be the reason for any problems with your UK visa application.

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