Same Day Visa Appointment FAQs

We are asked many questions from new clients regarding assistance with a visa application and getting their visa through the same day visa appointment service offered by the UKBA PEOs. Below is a list of the most common questions relating to getting your UK visa fast through same day visa service.

Q. Do I have to attend the appointment?

A. Unless you are applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement) you will have to attend the UKBA PEO. The only reason you have to attend is for the UKBA to take a new set of Biometrics to compare with their records and to add these new Biometrics results to your visa. Note: as of March 2012 all visa applications inside the UK including settlement will require Biometrics to be taken.

Q. I’ve had my Biometrics taken already, do I have to have them taken again?

A. Yes every time you apply for a visa you will have to have your Biometrics taken. This ensures the Border Agency know that the same person is applying to avoid fraud and also to cross reference their details with their databases.

Q. Is my visa stamped in my passport?

No. Your visa is now in the form of a Biometrics card otherwise known as a Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP). The UKBA don’t issue these cards at the PEOs they are sent by private courier usually within 3-7 days of the appointment.

Q. Will I receive my visa that day?

No. You will receive an approval letter from the Home Office which you can use for proof of status for your employer. You can’t enter the country with an approval letter so you will have to wait for your card to arrive in the mail. Most of our clients receive their cards 3 days after their same day visa appointment.

Q. How do I pay the Home Office?

A. Most people pay using credit/debit card. Another good option is using a bankers draft payable to the “Home Office”. a bankers draft reduces the risk if a credit or debit card was declined on the day of your appointment. It is a good idea to call your bank before you attend and notify them of the transaction especially if it is to be for a family with a high fee.

Q. How long do I have to be at the same day visa appointment that day?

A. Depending on the PEO you attend the appointment can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 days. Belfast and Liverpool usually offer fast turn around service where Croydon London usually require you return the next day to finish your application and collect documents.

Q. Will a representative be with me?

A. A representative will always be with you. They will meet you at the entrance of the PEO or if attending the PEO in Belfast they can meet you downtown or at the airport and bring you to the PEO. You can’t attend on your own as the appointment is a legal representatives appointment specially booked through the UK Border Agency for Immigration consultants and representatives.

Q. Can’t I just apply by mail?

A. You can certainly apply by mail but many people use the same day visa appointment service due to the many advantages it offers. These are:

  • No long waiting for your application which can take 2-4 months by mail
  • You can start work sooner once you have your visa approved through same day visa appointment service
  • You can apply for jobs sooner. Employers aren’t keen on interviewing someone who has “Application pending ” immigration status.
  • You don’t risk having to leave the country if your visa is refused. You can correct the issue and reapply. If you mail your application and it comes back refused after your visa expires you have to leave the country and will have a refusal on your immigration history.
  • If you mail your application and receive a refusal then the visa category closes or rules change such as the Tier 1 PSW then you can’t reapply.

Q. Why are the UKBA fees higher for same day service?

A. the UKBA have to pay for the additional staff and associated costs with processing your visa quickly.

Q. Can my family attend with me?

A. Yes if they are also applying for a visa they will have to attend and can attend with the same appointment provided we are notified beforehand. If your family are not applying it is a better idea for them to stay at home as PEOs are not that family friendly with no food services or TVs to keep them entertained.

Q. I’m undecided about booking an appointment. Can I call back in a few weeks and get assistance through you then?

A. Yes we can and do try to accommodate all our clients. Though we operate on a first come first served basis so if you contact us at a later date it may be possible we can’t represent you on the dates you require. Places are limited and demand is currently very high due to the Tier 1PSW visa closing in 2012. We anticipate appointments to be close to fully booked until April 2012.