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Immigrating to Australia

Australia is still a hot destination for skilled work visas. Despite the UK making it tough for skilled migrants, Australia much like Canada, still has an active migration plan attracting thousands of new migrants every year to fill many skilled positions. If you have found the UK isn’t the place for you and you have a skilled work background contact our office for a free assessment to see if you could be working and living in Australia. What’s not to like with the warm climate and high standard of living. Australia is also one of the only countries in the world still economically strong with a great future outlook.

Australia – A Land of Opportunity

Australia is one of the safest and most highly-populated countries in the world. For example, most Australians would agree that they have a very high standard of living and are fortunate to have the finest healthcare system in the world. Australia is a land of opportunity for many industries from mining to financial services to tourism and many other areas. Australia is also a country where the cost of living is very competitive with housing affordability and financial institutions at very competitive prices. These are just some of the many reasons why Australia is a very appealing choice for skilled workers and overseas investors to migrate.

Why choose Australia?

You can travel to every Australian Territory and have a stable job. The country’s advanced health care system is recognised in the World Health Organisation Australia has one of the fastest growing tech economies in the world Attractions in Australia You can get up close to the incredible koalas and take their pictures, or try your luck at the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Australia has many of the world’s top attractions. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Margaret River Wine Region, Gold Coast, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site to name a few.

What are the benefits of choosing Australia as a permanent place to live?

Despite Australia being one of the most expensive countries to live in, it is still a great place to live with great prospects for jobs and a good quality of life. Australian remittances are on the rise: Australia is continually ranked as one of the best countries to live in and are 3 times more likely to live into old age. Australians live a longer life expectancy, on average, than most other developed countries. Australia is a stable democracy: According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Australia’s democratic system is the 8th most stable in the world and the fifth most developed.

Skilled Visa Requirements for Australia

There is no clear cut path to Australia Visa status. Your experience, educational background and qualifications determine what type of visa you will be granted. Please see below the different visa types that are available to skilled and temporary workers. Skilled Visa (Short Term) This visa can be either for 1 year or longer periods for an annual renewal (unless there is a genuine reason not to extend it), such as residency rule or you can’t get a job in Australia, which for some people can’t be easily found) – see Regulations). Our team of Melbourne specialists will help you identify all of the opportunities available to you in Australia, your eligibility requirements and the type of visa that could suit you best.

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Conclusion – Australian Immigration

As the world continues to see rising threats to global stability, most politicians including Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, are also keenly looking to diversify the country’s economy to prevent another possible future economic collapse. The Australian economy has become inextricably linked to the energy sector and commodity-based companies such as coal and iron ore, so the strengthening of the Australian dollar can potentially place a strain on already struggling export-based companies. Looking at countries that are investing in Australia or are those which are sending skilled workers to Australia is a good way to help diversify the economy and escape the commodity boom which also has a potential to crash if world markets remain soft.

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