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I’m a frontline worker. What if my free UK work visa extension hasn’t come through?


As you may or may not know, our diligent frontline staff- doctors, paramedics, nurses, and also carers – are eligible to receive a free UK work visa extension if theirs expires between 31st March and 1st October. This news brought a sigh of relief to many families who have immigrated to the UK to work, particularly in the midst of uncertain times and the Covid-19 pandemic. If your profession falls within the criteria and you are in need of a UK work visa extension but yours has not been renewed automatically as promised, you’ll want to know more.

What is the criteria for a free UK work visa extension?

At the end of April, the Home Secretary announced all frontline workers will retain the right to live and work in the UK for an extra year by the automatic renewal of UK work visas. The decision proved to be a strategic one, as we saw the nation’s doctors and nurses battle Coronavirus for the months following. The basic criteria is:

1. Crucial overseas workers such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics are eligible. This encapsulates all disciplines even if they are not directly related to providing care to Covid-19 patients – including midwives, social workers, and pharmacists.
2. Carers have now also been recognised as fundamental to carrying on with their work through the Coronavirus pandemic, and so are also eligible.
3. All of the aforementioned frontline workers are eligible if their UK work visa is due to expire between 31st March and 1st October 2020.
4. Both NHS and independent frontline workers are eligible, including their family members.

What is the process for a UK work visa extension?

All visas were due to be extended automatically and free from immigration surcharge from the 29th April 2020, rapidly after the decision was made by our Health Secretary. Whether you are an NHS worker or independent worker, your employer should have notified you of the change to your work visa documentation. If you work for the NHS and have paid for your extension, you will be entitled to a refund. Visit the GOV.UK help pages for more information on how to do that.

What if my UK work permit has not been extended automatically?

Approximately 3,000 frontline workers will have, and are yet to benefit, from the UK work permit extension. As a zealous doctor, nurse, paramedic, or carer, you deserve to be included in that statistic.

Visit help pages for further guidance on who to ask if your UK work visa has not been extended.

If your visa has been denied extension, or if you are not sure if you have been extended or not – contact W M Immigration for confidential assistance with checking your visa documents, contact us today.

Document checking by W M Immigration

Your documents will only be accepted if they meet Home Office requirements and alas, need to be checked in instances. Chances are, you won’t want to miss out on the chance of getting your UK work visa extended for the entirety of the year free of charge. If for any reason you do not believe your work visa documentation is correct or up-to-date, we can help.

This is what our document checking service includes:

1) Review of all your documents
2) Advice on replacement or alternative documents
3) Suggestions on how to improve your application (or renewal)
4) Gives you peace of mind that your documentation is correct
5) Your application will be checked by an OISC qualified immigration caseworker

Our professional document checking service is priced at £350. Visit herefor further information.

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