Immigration Eligibility Assessment

Below is a list of links to our immigration eligibility assessment forms. If you are considering making an application for yourself or someone else then by completing the most suitable form below WM Immigration will be able to provide a more focused and tailored response to your query. If you have a simple or quick query you can still use our Contact form.

Immigration Eligibility Assessment Forms List

spouse visa assessment

British Citizenship Eligibility Assessment

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Eligibility

Tier 2 General Visa Eligibility

Tier 4 General Eligibility Assessment

Ancestry Visa Eligibility Assessment

Visitor Visa Eligibility Assessment

ILR Assessment form - Tier 1 General to ILR SET(O)

ILR Assessment form - Tier 2 General to ILR SET(O)

ILR Assessment form - Spouse/Partner Visa to ILR SET(M)

EEA Family Permit Eligibility Assessment

EEA Permanent Residence Eligibility Assessment

ILR Assessment form - Other categories to ILR

Long residence to ILR


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