Immigration rules

UK Immigration rules are some of the most complex in the world. Migrants have been coming to the UK for centuries and these rules have been reshaped over many decades. The current set of UK Immigration rules are overly complicated and difficult to understand. They continually update and change making it even harder to navigate. What you once thought was accepted, may not be next year. We receive inquiries from many clients regarding the immigration rules. There are many points that are not clear, but here is some advice to help break down confusion.

UK Immigration rules don’t apply to everyone

Not everyone understands that there are two sets of rules that the Home Office have to follow and apply to migrants coming to the UK. The main set of Immigration rules are those set out by the British government. The second set that can be applied are those that are part of the European movement rules for those from EEA national countries and their family members. These rules can’t be mixed or crossed over. You can change from UK Immigration rules to EEA rules, but your time towards settlement, citizenship and other factors will come into play, including different requirements and restrictions before one can naturalize in the UK.

UK Immigration Guidance

The Home Office publish guidance regarding all UK Visa and Immigration applications types. This is only meant for guidance purposes and unless the rules are fully understood, the guidance can be easily misinterpreted. By failing to understand the requirements when reading over guidance and how it specifically applies to your situation can result in your visa, settlement or citizenship application being refused costing you thousands of pounds and lots of unwanted stress. This is why WM Immigration recommend leaving the stress and understanding to us who have the experience of dealing with immigration applications on a daily basis. We understand what the Home Office require and how to help you meet the requirements. If you are unsure about any UK Immigration rules for your visa application it is wise to seek out the assistance of an OISC approved Immigration advisor for clarification and the guidance you require.