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Common Inquiries answered Travelling after premium appointment I have booked an appointment for visa extension on the 2nd of June and it is for the one day service. I am traveling to Canada on the 10th of June and would need my BRP and passport by then. Would I be...

Do I apply in the UK or overseas for my spouse visa?

When applying for a spouse visa you must apply from your home country or a country you have long term permission to live in. You can’t apply for a spouse visa (or fiance or unmarried partner visa) from a country where you are only permitted to stay as a visitor....

Spouse and partner visas

What criteria do I need to meet to apply for a fiance or spouse visa? There are many different requirements. The key criteria are the financial requirement which involves the UK national earning over £18,600 or more. This value increases if there are children. If...
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