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Common Visa questions

Can I apply from the UK?

You can only apply from within the UK if you already have permission to reside in the UK with a visa that is valid longer than 6 months i.e. not a visitor visa. Examples of those that can apply from the UK are those on a student visa, already have a spouse visa and are extending or any type of work visa.

Note certain visas such as Tier 4 main applicant visas or switching from Tier 2 ICT to Tier 2 General can’t be made within the UK.

Can I switch my visa?

There are many scenarios that do and don’t permit switching to a visa. As a general rule, you can switch to a visa if you have permission to live in the UK longer than 6 months as long as it is not a Tier 4 or Tier 2 general from Tier 2 ICT. Also, note there is a 12 month cooling off period for any changes from a Tier 2 visa.

Can I extend?

As long as you meet the criteria to extend you can do this. See our eligibility assessment page to check if you qualify to apply

Do I have to return home to apply for a visa?

You will have to return home if:

  • You came to the UK as a visitor/tourist
  • You want to apply for an initial Tier 4 visa

What happens if I don’t return home?

If you overstay you will have a negative immigration history and face a 10 year ban from the UK. If you apply from the UK instead of returning home you can expect to be refused and deported.

Help, I applied for a visa (or my partner) and I have not heard anything since.

There are many reasons for an application now being processed, but the most common is simply that the caseworker has not got around to processing the application. At different times of the year, there can be delays. It doesn’t matter if a friend got their application processed in a certain amount of time. Every application is different. If you have already applied there is nothing we can do to help or change the outcome of the application.

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