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What criteria do I need to meet to apply for a fiance or spouse visa?

There are many different requirements. The key criteria are the financial requirement which involves the UK national earning over £18,600 or more. This value increases if there are children. If self-employed or running their own company then the length of time required to prove earnings increases. Take an eligibility assessment here:


I’m in a long distance relationship, can I apply for an unmarried partner visa?

No. You must be living at the same address as your partner in a relationship akin to marriage. Simply visiting each other at different times of the year or using visitor visas to stay in each others country is not sufficient. Travelling together for an extensive period of time is also not sufficient. You must be at the same address for the 2 years with proof of cohabitation such as utility bills like electric, phone and gas bills or bank statements and tax returns.

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