No Win No Fee

WM Immigration offer a No win No Fee Immigration Service guarantee for all our points based system visas (PBS system) such as Tier 1, Tier 2 General, Tier 4 Student visa and Tier 5 visas. We also offer this service for PBS Dependents who are applying separately from the main applicant to extend their visa.

We also offer a no win, no fee visa service to though applying for a spouse visa or applying for settlement in the UK.

WM Immigration will guarantee to process your application and represent you in these cases. We will offer a full refund of your fees paid to us if your application is unsuccessful. This is based on you being able to provide the documents as mentioned during your initial consultation and ensuring you obtain  the relevant immigration or visa paperwork required by the date of application.

The agreement also assumes that you as the applicant or your dependents have not come under Home Office scrutiny in previous applications or ever had any visa refusals or poor immigration history. all documents provided to WM Immigration to assist in your vase must be genuine and official. We are unable to refund clients who are refused due to these providing false or non-official documentation.

If we are unable to offer this service it will be clearly stated at the start or within your client care agreement. Certain cases we may deem higher risk of refusal, but the applicant still wants to proceed. This would be an example of an application where we may not offer No Win, No fee visa service.