Testimonials for WM Immigration

Client Name: Andriana

Visa: Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa (PSW)

Nationality: American

Client Comments: I would sincerely like to thank William Masson and the WM Immigration team for their time, effort and efficiency. I have never worked through any application process with such ease. William and his team made the visa application process so easy with their complete and thorough consultation, quick response to email and phone calls and overall customer service. I am so lucky to have found such an amazing immigration counsellor and recommend WM Immigration Ltd to anyone who needs a trustworthy, efficient and secure place to handle their immigration needs. I would go as far as saying that thanks to WM Immigration Ltd I was able to keep my job and continue my life in the UK. Many thanks to William and WM Immigration Ltd, I will definitely be using and recommending your services. Cheers!

Client Name: Aliyah

Visa: Tier 1 General visa same day PEO

Nationality: Mauritian

Client comments: Thank you for all of the hard work, and assistance you provided in putting together my Tier 1 application together. Honestly, I felt your services were worth every penny. I have no complaints. I spoke with William on a Friday about my tier 1 and within a week I had the tier 1 with me. He booked a PEO in Belfast for me, and the process was very smooth I spent less than an hour in the PEO. Again, thank you for your professional service, Outstanding! I wish you all the very best always and will no doubt recommend your service.

Client Name: Jignesh Kumar Rajyaguru

Visa: Tier 2 General – Same-day at Belfast PEO

Nationality: Indian

Client comments: Enjoying my life with my Tier 2 visa. I just want to say wm immigration is expert in immigration. I am really happy with the services given by wm immigration and thanks to wm immigration. I have success in my visa application.

Client Name: Deenadayalan

Visa: Tier 1 General – Same-Day Visa at Belfast PEO

Nationality: Indian

Client Comments: I would like to thank WM Immigration for making my visa application process smooth. We had tried other firms but only WM immigration was able to secure us an appointment for Tier 1 General. At first we where unsure as the appointment was at the Belfast PEO in Northern Ireland. After the case-worker advised us it was just a short 1 hour internal flight which only cost me £68 return I decided to go with this company. The process was made very easy and the service at the Belfast PEO was great. I had my visa approved within 45 minutes using the same-day service and received my Biometrics card in the Mail 3 days later. Once again thank you WM immigration for your assistance and getting me my Tier 1 General visa with such ease.

Client Name: Vijaya Kumar Koganti

Visa: Tier 1 General – Same-Day Visa at Belfast PEO

Nationality: Indian

Client comments: I just recently came down to UK under Tier 2 ICT and was planning to switch over to Tier 1 as it is being closed permanently and got in touch with a consultant from London who initially asked me for huge amount of money for consultation and later agreed for 1/3 of the charges he quoted earlier but i was desperate to go by SameDay service as it nullifies the headache that one has to go with the Postal based process besides the result unknown for almost 45Days. The London consultant didn’t confirm if he could get me a SameDay service as they are in so much demand and just by chance I got WM Immigration’s email in some forum and just dropped in a mail and the response is quite quick we couldn’t come to agreement as I was already engaged with other consultant. The knowledge and the experience of William along with a confirmed SameDay appointment finally made me break my engagement with my London consultant and go with him.

The good thing is the Prices are fixed and they are cheap and he says the truth. But to be frank I have a doubt in the corner of the mind until I have seen him personally in Belfast as the whole consultation before was only in e-mails and telephone besides the consultation fees already being paid. I am happy I took a chance and the whole process was so smooth I just have to send him the docs he wanted from me and just a sign at the end and I got my Tier 1 Visa with out any small issue. I am so impressed that I decided to go to Belfast for my extension. A friend of mine was telling me that it was like a open fish market in the London PEO and I am glad I made a decision to go to Belfast.