Step 1

Eligibility check

We will check your background to see if you meet the strict home office requirements to apply

Step 2

Client care letter and invoice sent

We sent you a client care letter (a contract) to sign online using either your computer, tablet or smartphone. Once signed you will be sent an invoice and can then proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Custom Document list and instructions

At this stage we will send you a custom document list. This will outline all the documents you need to collect for your application. you will need to upload these to us either through our secure portal, by email or by sharing your own cloud storage link such as dropbox or similar service.

Custom Document list and instructions

Should I send the documents altogether or 1 at a time over a few months?

It is best that you share everything together as it is hard to assess an application objectively if we can’t review everything at the same time. Likewise, f we see a document in January and then you send another in April, we will not have the benefit of recently viewing your January document, hence why it is better to share all documents in a close time span i.e. 1 week.

I don’t have a scanner, how can I upload them to you?

You can download an app called Camscanner for iPhone or Android and use this to take a picture of each page. The app then converts it into a single PDF and you can then share this PDF with us which will have all your documents in one easy to follow file.

Step 4


Application form

Once you have collected the documents or have most collected and are near the application stage, then we suggest beginning to fill out the application form. We will either guide you through the process by phone and/or email or you can complete one of our questionnaires and we can fill it out for you and mail the completed form to you to sign and include with the application. We supply you with a link to download the latest application form.

Step 5


Final checks

Before you are ready to submit your application we will need to do a final check to ensure you have all documents as specified in out document list. We will check you have the right application form and that it is filled correctly. We will also ensure you are clear on the application process.

Step 6


Send the application

We will email you a cover letter to print and include with your application.

You will send your application form and original documents to the Home Office to the address we specify on our cover letter.


Step 7



What happens next is as follows:

  • The Home office will take payment from the card details you provided in the application form
  • They will send you a biometric invitation letter to provide fingerprints at your main local post office branch
  • Once complete they will continue to process your application
  • Once a decision is made they will return the application documents
  • You will receive a Biometric Residence Permit in the mail (your visa)
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