Custom UK Visa Document List and Application Guides to Download

Visa document list Templates for

Spouse Visa

Unmarried Partner visa

Fiance Visa

Indefinite leave to Remain

British Citizenship


Full Immigration guide for £250

Drafted by experienced Immigration Lawyers

Very detailed list

Tailored to your circumstances

Covers common additional FAQs


What’s Included in my visa application guide?

Detailed list of required documents

What application form to use

Draft employer & accmodation letter templates

Additional letter templates for friends and family

List of common concerns from applicants answered



Financial Templates

When making a UK visa application employment evidence is often required. As part of that evidence a letter from you or your partner’s employer is required. Depending on how you are employed a different employer letter template is required. Additional templates are also required for payslips or to comment on your ansences. Our visa letter templates help address these needs to ensure you have everything you need making life easier for you and your employer.

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Tier 2 Extension templates

Letter templates when extending your Tier 2 work visa – specific guidance for your employer

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Self-Employed Letter Templates
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Spouse Visa Employer Letter
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Limited Company Letter Templates

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