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WM Immigration were very professional when handling my application. Bill was quick to response to my lengthy email questions and reassure me that everything was alright as I was stressed about applying for my ILR application. I was able to upload my documents meaning I didn’t have to waste a day of work going through my case. I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it made it easier for me to share my documents and form and meant I got the documents reviewed quicker. Thanks again.”


What a wonderful experience it was working with the team at WM Immigration. Visa Applications come with much paperwork and equal parts confusion for many. WM Immigration helped eliminate the worry and worked with us providing simple to understand instructions and ways to strengthen the application. I would highly recommend WM Immigration to anyone looking for help regarding Visa checks and applications support.


The checking service provided was excellent both in efficiency and advice given. Without it the application process would definitely have been a lot more stressful.


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