UK Work Visas

The Main UK Work Visas Are:
  • Tier 1 Highly Skilled Visa
  • Tier 2 Sponsored Visa
  • UK Ancestry Visa
  • Tier 5 Visas

Different UK Work Visa Routes

The UK offers a wide range of employment for those seeking new opportunities and who need UK work visas.  Despite the recession there are still many positions that can’t be filled by the local labour market and employers search for employees further afield.  If you believe you have the skills to work in the UK, you should apply for a job with an employer in your field of expertise.  Once you have secured a job offer we can assist with many areas such as getting your employer registered to employ foreign workers, assisting with your visa application and much more UK work Visa advice.

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Tier 1 Highly Skilled Visa

The Tier 1 High Skilled visas offer a way for migrants to come to the UK and utilise their high skilled under the Tier 1 Visa. The Tier 1 General and PSW visa routes have not been closed to new applicants and extensions. Current immigration routes under the Tier 1 Visa are Investor, Entrepreneur and Exceptional talent.  The most popular Highly Skilled visa is Read more


UK Ancestry Visa

Did you know if you are a commonwealth citizen and have a grandparent born in the UK you can apply for a UK ancestry visa and come to the UK to work for 5 years? This then leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain where you can become settled. To find out more about working in the UK under the Ancestry visa route Read here

Tier 2 Sponsored Visa

The Tier 2 Sponsored Visa route is suitable for those who have the required skilled and have an employer willing to sponsor them under either Tier 2 General or Tier 2 ICT.  For professional sports persons there is the Tier 2 sports visa for athletes such as Football and Rugby players or their coaches. Finally the other sponsored visa routes to get a work visa for the UK are Read more

Tier 5 Visa

Working holiday and government exchange visas under Tier 5. These are designed to be temporary and are usually issued for 1-2 years. To find out more about tier 5 visas

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Services We Offer To Assist With Your Visa Application to Work in the UK

  • Eligibility Check
  • Document checking
  • Assistance completing forms and paperwork
  • Booking your same day premium service centre appointment if required
  • Provide a legal representative to attend your same day appointment with you – They will guide you through the process on the day
  • Liaison with the Home Office on your behalf
  • Helping you and your employer understand the rules and guidance to ensure completeness
  • Providing planning advice so you are thinking ahead to ensure you don’t make any mistakes that could affect your future immigration or employment prospects

The most common work visas to come to the UK are High Skilled Tier 1 Entrepreneur and the employer sponsored Tier 2 General Visa.

Obtaining permission to work in the UK is required for non-eea citizens and their family. If you want to come to the UK to work or are already living in the UK and need help with your UK Work Visa application please contact us for a free eligibility check. Here at WM Immigration we will ensure that your application is prepared to the highest standards.

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Services We Offer

  • Eligibility Check
  • Tailored guidance on how to meet specific requirements
  • Document check
  • Review of Application Forms
  • Assistance with booking appointments
  • Same Day Visa Representation

Visa and ILR Application Premium Service

If you don't want to wait months for your immigration application to be processed in the UK, we can assist you in getting it processed at the Home Office Premium Service Centre. We can have you booked in for an appointment in a matter of weeks and you will get your visa approved same day. No more stressful waiting! Our experienced representatives will attend with you to ensure a smooth application.

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