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How the New Home Office Service Is Bound to Improve the UK Visa and Immigration Process

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Recently, the UK Visa and Immigration has incorporated a new digital service. But how is this digital service expected to enhance the application process and to what extent?

First, the new digital service allows applicants to easily submit the required evidence for the visa application. At the same time, they can accomplish this in a time-efficient manner, through a joined-up journey.

Essentially, the streamlined online journey will be readily available for the majority of applications. More specifically, the form is straightforward and easy to follow, thus, simplifying the application. Concurrently, one can choose to buy additional services on the spot.

Increased Security and Unparalleled Flexibility

Expressly, security is another highlight that comes with the new home office service. With that in mind, instead of having to send your personal documents separately to UKVI, you can easily submit and send them via the digital, secure process. Plus, you can submit your documents from wherever you want, depending on what’s most convenient to you.

Hence, you aren’t restricted to using a PC. More specifically, you can also benefit from mobile application services at university campuses or at the employer’s office.

On a different note, vulnerable customers can benefit from support, when needed.

Another reassuring aspect is that you can keep your passport during the visa application process. Therefore, you can actually attempt to make traveling plans as you won’t be restricted by this aspect, as it used to be beforehand. If you didn’t know until now, visa applicants would wait approximately four months to get their passport back.

The UK Visa and Citizenship Application Process

In general, most applicants will have to complete the process via the agency of the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Process (UK VCAS). You have the option of making an appointment, free of charge, in one of the centres located in major cities.

Simultaneously, 50 local user-pay service centres are to be found in libraries, not to mention the user-pay premium service point situated in central London. Beginning the 5th of November, these centres will stay open until early December 2018. During this specific period, applicants can choose to enrol their biometrics or simply facilitate their evidence at the new centres. Another option is, of course, utilising the existing Post Office service.

Get Support – If You Need It

Considering that you will need help with your application, you can schedule a free appointment at one of the seven dedicated Service and Support Centres, starting in January 2019. Until then, staff members are expected to expand their experience and understanding of the process, being capable of providing guidance and assistance.

On the whole, technology is a valuable tool – when used accordingly, in particular. And this new digital service is expected to simplify the visa application process. The availability of flexible, on-demand mobile application services and the convenience and quickness of the self-service are all highlights that visa applicants can take advantage of.

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