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Here at WM Immigration our London Immigration Office can provide a variety of visa services for those in London. We have been representing and assisting clients in London for many years and have extensive knowledge of the UK Immigration rules. If you need help getting your visa through the Premium Same Day Visa centre then we can help you with this. No more long waits, get your visa approved in London in just 1 day. We can help with spouse visas, citizenship applications or work visas. Our OISC approved Immigration lawyers in London will be able to handle your visa application from start to finish.

London Immigration Lawyers

What type of visas can I apply for in London?

  • Spouse Visas
  • Fiance Visas
  • Sponsored Work Visas – Tier 2 General
  • Tier 4 Student Visas
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa
  • Visa Extensions
  • 10 year life of a family member or parent visa
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How can I apply for a visa through your London Immigration Office?

The first stage is to give us a call or an email to determine what help immigration advice we can offer you. You can also request a call back to discuss your application at a time that suits you. Once we determine your eligibility we will assist with all the paperwork, documents, application forms and appointment bookings to ensure your visa application is a smooth process.

Do I need to attend the London Immigration Office in Person?

Yes if you are making an application through the Premium Same Day Visa Service then you will need to attend in person to provide your biometrics. This involves the Home Office taking your fingerprints and a photo. This information will appear on your Biometric card once your visa application is approved.

How quick will my visa application be approved at London?

UK Visa application times can vary depending on location. The visa centre in London processes applications fairly fast and therefore you can expect the application to be processed within 1-2 hours. Time depends on the complexity of your immigration case and how busy the Liverpool Office is that day. Expect complex cases such as Long Residence or 10 Year ILR to take 2-4 hours for processing. London has the best qualified case workers in the UK so expect the best possible service if your application is complex.

London Immigration Advice FAQs

Can my family attend the visa application appointment with me?

If your family are included in the application then they must attend to also give their biometrics. Even children under 6 years old must provide a photo for biometrics (no fingerprints if they are under 6). If your family members are not applying they can attend with you, but where possible it is best children stay with a family member or friend during the appointment. Rember the London visa centre in Croydon can be very busy in the morning with queues being possibly 1 hour long. It is best to factor this into your journey if bringing a small child to your visa appointment.

How soon will I receive my visa?

Visas are not given on the same day. What you receive is an approval letter from the Liverpool Immigration Office staff. This is your official notification that the visa application has been successful. The Biometric Residence Permit  (BRP) is printed at the same place the driver licences are printed. This normally takes around 1 week and will be sent to you via courier. If you do not receive the card within 10 working days you can contact the Home Office using the email address on the approval letter.

I Don’t Earn Over £18,600. How Can My Spouse Get A Visa?

If you don’t qualify for a spouse visa under the salary requirements there are other methods. Various incomes can be combined and used such as self-employed, pensions, rental income, part-time work or savings. If you have no annual income you can still qualify for a Spouse Visa if you have savings of £62,500 + which has been maintained in your bank account for 6 months or more. If you are living abroad you can use the British Citizen’s overseas income to qualify, if they have a job offer, for when you both return to the UK. Income from the non-British citizen will not be counted, but their savings can be used. Savings can also be combined with earnings.

Will you meet me in London?

Yes our staff are very familiar with all areas of London and the Croydon Visa centre and can meet up with you to discuss your application. You can also scan and upload any documents or mail them to us if you find this more convenient. London is a fantastic city and we are proud to represent the local migrant population here with their immigration applications.

Do you attend the Premium Service Appointment with me?

Yes, we send one of our highly trained and experienced representatives to London to guide you through the application process on the day. We only use representatives who have extensive knowledge and experience of same day visa procedures. Even if you are familiar with the process, our staff can help you feel at ease or explain any unfamiliar step as processes can change since the last time you applied.


I was panicking about my application before I contacted WM Immigration. My biggest concern was giving my passport up as I have to travel frequently and didn’t want to give my passport to an immigration company or government authority for a long time. I was able to scan all my documents to WM Immigration and they booked me a same day appointment in Croydon. I attended with their representative and after 2 hours had my visa approved. If like me you need to keep your passport, contact WM Immigration as they were very helpful in resolving this issue for me.


How We Can Help?

Here at WM Immigration we have experience in dealing with many different Immigration applications. Our expertise and professionalism will ensure you are given the correct immigration advice. We understand the stress of making your visa application and will endeavour to give you the best chance possible of success. Our company has an established reputation and will provide advice regarding of your location. 

Services We Offer

  • Eligibility Check
  • Tailored guidance on how to meet specific requirements
  • Document check
  • Review of Application Forms
  • Assistance with booking appointments
  • Same Day Visa Representation

Visa and ILR Application Premium Service

If you don't want to wait months for your immigration application to be processed in the UK, we can assist you in getting it processed at the Home Office Premium Service Centre. We can have you booked in for an appointment in a matter of weeks and you will get your visa approved same day. No more stressful waiting! Our experienced representatives will attend with you to ensure a smooth application.

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