Here at WM Immigration we provide resources to help with various types of UK Immigration and Visa Applications. Compiled on this page and linked to it are some useful resources that should provide some UK Visa Help for you whether your an applicant or know of someone needing help with their visa application. We try to provide as many UK Immigration resources as possible to help you understand some of the complexities surrounding the UK Visa system and migrating to the Britain.

Our UK Immigration resources provide advice for:

  • Opening a Bank account in the United Kingdom
  • How to find accommodation and what to look out for
  • How to Apply for a National Insurance Number
  • Driving in the UK
  • Things to do and see in the UK
  • Health Care and Hospitals
  • Emergency Services and Numbers

We hope you enjoy using the Visa Resources and Living in the UK guides provided. If you feel there is anything else that could be included then feel free to contact us and we will be sure to consider it. At WM Immigration we want to ensure our clients and website visitors are informed and provided with as much information as possible to help ensure a smooth and carefree a journey as possible.


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