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Same Day Visa Service

same day visa service

Waiting for several months for a postal decision from the Home Office can be difficult, especially because it forces many people to change their traveling plans, as the most important documents are held by the Home Office while the case is in process. This is where the alternative of applying to a Same Day Visa service comes in very useful.

Same Day Visa aims at helping people who need to extend their UK Visa or settle in the UK. They can get the decision on their application on the same day.

The only delays interfere when the caseworker either finds some errors regarding your documents or postpones the decision, in which cases the waiting period can be extended for 4 or 5 more days. In order for this situation to be avoided and for your application to be accepted, a Document Check service is available and advisable.

This preliminary process revises, improves and gives useful advice in order for your application to be successful. What is more, this proves to be important when candidates did not manage to get an appointment but sent a mail in advance.

After each candidate is confident enough with his/her documents and application form, the next step is to submit the application and manage to obtain the such useful UK Visa, along with his/her documents back. This process can be easily done by using services such as the Premium Service and the Super Premium Service.

The Premium Service

The Premium Service is a safe alternative to have your UK Visa application submitted and to receive the decision on the same day. It is a fast track service that allows candidates to have peace of mind as they receive the response for their application at short notice.

How to Apply to a Premium Service?

Whether you decide to settle in the UK or extend your Visa, you should know that using the Premium Service implies making an appointment at least 48 hours after taking the “Life in the UK” test or, if it’s more convenient for you, 28 days after you had completed the qualifying period. Appointments can also be made up to 45 days in advance, making sure that the candidate can attend this meeting before the current visa expires.

In order to submit your application, you must hand it in person at the Home Office Premium Service Centre. Most applications are processed on the same day, but some delays may appear for those who did not provide enough documents or information or they did not check the documents in advance. In such cases, the preliminary document check process mentioned above comes in handy.

Who Can Use the Premium Service?

The Premium Service is addressed to those who need to extend their Visa or decide to settle in the UK as quickly as possible, therefore it is beneficial to Partner/Spouse Visa, Tier 2 Work Visa, Points-based System Dependants, and Indefinite Leave to Remain clients.

Before making the appointment and sending your documents in, make sure you are eligible to apply to such a service. In order to check the eligibility for candidates, here is a long list with the restrictions regarding the right to apply for a UK Visa.

What Are the Costs of the Premium Service?

The current fee is about £600 and it is not refundable for those whose documents do not conform with the Home Office criteria, so pay close attention to these aspects before using the Premium Service appointment. Besides the regular fee, the candidate must pay a £100 booking fee, as well as the fee for the visa type and the immigration health surcharge. What is more, booking outside office hours (before 9 am or 4 pm from Monday to Friday or on Saturday) is also charged with an extra £75 tax.

The Super Premium Service

The more efficient, but also more expensive service regarding the Same Day Visa process is the Super Premium Service. This is a mobile service that is very accessible and operative to everyone because it implies a visit from a courier who will collect your documents and application form from your residence. The next step is a visit from a Home Office employee who will take your biometric information and your signature. As in the case of the Premium Service, the decision regarding your UK Visa is to be made within 24 hours.

How to Apply for a Super Premium Service?

To begin with, the candidate must contact the mobile coordinator to check whether he/she is entitled to use this service. After that, the initial contract must be completed and returned within 2 days and the candidate should wait for confirmation of the appointment. The following steps are the two visits that each applicant will receive from a courier, respectively from a Home Office employee, as mentioned above. The time and location of the visit can be decided by both parts.

Who Can Use the Super Premium Service?

This service aims at helping those who must extend their Visa or settle permanently in the UK and it can be used for up to ten people, including 4 applicants.

What Are the Costs of the Super Premium Service?

As it offers the advantage that it can be used for 10 people per visit and 4 applicants, the costs could be shared. The current fee is about £10,000 per visit, plus some other costs regarding the standard application type and the premium service fee.

Given the fact that currently, booking an appointment for the premium service is proved to be a true challenge, most people are willing to pay more for the Super Premium service.

This is because some candidates might need the Visa urgently, in situations such as traveling for work. Thus, they are willing to choose the expensive alternative.

Nevertheless, in order for the whole process to be done correctly and with no other complications, a preliminary Document Check along with one of the two Same Day Visa services are the salvation for every UK Visa candidate.

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