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The Premium Same day service has now been replaced with the new super priority visa service. Contact us for more information



Document Checking Service

If you have to mail your application it is a good idea to have it checked over by a professional Immigration Adviser before sending

Document Checking Service costs £300 total and includes a check of your application form and documents within 48 hours of upload 


What Is The Same Day Visa Service?

The Same Day Visa Service is offered by the Home Office as a way for migrants to get their visa approved in 1 day. Here at WM Immigration, we are registered with the Home Office to provide this service. We offer Same Day Visa Service for your UK Visa and ILR application. The old UKBA PEOs which were used for same day visa appointments have now been re-branded under the Home Office and are now called Premium Service Centres or PSCs.

We can book your appointment with the Home Office Premium Service Centres in Croydon, Liverpool, Cardiff, Solihull or Belfast. If you wish to use another PSC in another part of the UK we can make arrangements for this same day visa service.

Get The Professional Immigration Service You Deserve

Put yourself in our hands and you can feel confident that it’s being completed by visa consultants that have years of experience and know the procedures inside and out. WM Immigration has the experience and knowledge to guide you through your visa application taking the hard word and stress out of the process. To find out how we can help you contact us and we will respond quickly and provide a free eligibility assessment.

Our legal representative Same Day Visa Service books up very quickly so we would advise if you need to apply soon you should contact us to secure your place. No more long waits or repeatedly contacting the Home Office to find out what your current situation is. We can get your decision in one day.

How We Can Help?

Here at WM Immigration we have experience in dealing with many different Immigration applications. Our expertise and professionalism will ensure you are given the correct immigration advice. We understand the stress of making your visa application and will endeavour to give you the best chance possible of success. Our company has an established reputation and will provide advice regarding of your location.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Same Day Visa Service?

  • No need for you to book an appointment with the Home Office – We do all the work
  • No more long waits for your paperwork to be processed – Application approved in one day
  • No need to visit our office: Everything can be handled by email and online communication so you can continue on with your day
  • Application will be completed and compiled by a qualified OISC Immigration Consultant
  • A legal representative will attend on the day and submit the case with you at the Home Office
  • You get your passport back the same day – No more waiting for months without a passport

What Is The Process  If I Want To Use The Same Day Service?

  1. Contact WM Immigration to find out if you are eligible to apply for a visa or ILR
  2. If you are eligible you will instruct us to represent you
  3. We will discuss with you a suitable date to attend based on when you qualify and when your visa expires. We will also advise on location and when possible try to get you an appointment based around your work commitments.
  4. WM Immigration will complete an online booking form with the Home Office for your appointment. You will need to pay the Home Office Visa application fee at the time of booking. We can call you and arrange to take payment when booking.
  5. Once your appointment is booked we will send you your booking confirmation email and receipt
  6. We will assist with the preparation of your documents and application form for you and your family
  7. One of our highly experienced legal representatives will attend the Premium Service Centre on the day with you and guide you through the process to make it relaxed and smooth as possible.

What Happens On The Actual Day At The Appointment?

  • Our Representative will guide you through security to the casework area
  • Here when your number is called the Rep will give your documents and form to the caseworker
  • Once the caseworker enters your details into the computer you are called for biometrics
  • At biometrics they will take a photo and fingerprints, then you return to the waiting area
  •  Once the caseworker has made a decision they will return all documents along with an approval letter
  • Your biometric residence permit will come in the mail, usually within 7 days

Same Day Visa FAQs

Who Should Use This Service?

If you are a business person, like to travel or you are a student then this service will suit you. Being able to keep your passport and not have restrictions on your travel while you wait for an application to be decided by mail is a huge benefit of the same day visa service. We also strongly suggest all visa and ILR applicants to use the premium service to apply. It may cost £590 more than mailing your application, but the security it proves is worth it. The convenience is another big factor. You don’t have to stress out for many months while your application is processed and you don’t have access to your passport or vital family documents.

What Is The Super Premium Service?

If you don’t want to attend a public government building we can arrange the Super Premium Service for you. A courier will come to your house and bring your documents to a caseworker. A mobile caseworker unit will come to your home and take your biometrics (fingerprints and photo). You will then have your documents and decision returned to you by courier within 24 hours. Many people choose to use this service for privacy reasons or the convenience factor. The cost is currently £10,500 (plus application fees) for the Home Office to visit. This includes 4 main applicants and up to 10 applicants total. If you know a family applying around the same time as yourself this may not cost much more than the £590 fee per applicant at the Premium Service Centre.

How Fast Can I Get A Same Day Visa Appointment?

If you need a same day service appointment and you are in a hurry, we can arrange to get your UK visa application submitted within 6 weeks. Sometimes cancellations are available. For this express same day visa service, you may be required to attend a different Home Office PSC than where you live. We offer Same day Visa service at Croydon, Liverpool, Solihull (Birmingham) and Belfast where a representative will attend one of these premium Service Centres with you.

At your same day visa appointment you will receive an approval letter and within 7 days you will get your biometrics card from a courier. If you need an appointment sooner please contact us and we will try to assist with your request.

Are There Disadvantages To Using The Same Day Service?

The only disadvantage is the current fee of £590 for using the Premium Same Day Visa Service. This may seem excessive (it is excessive) and if you have a family, can cost thousands more than just mailing the application. If you consider that the extra £500 could avoid a refusal or have to leave the UK then the cost could be considered cheap for the peace of mind.

The major advantage of using the Premium Centre same day service is that if your visa is refused or an issue is pointed out, you will have time to resolve this before your visa expires. Consider what would happen if you mailed the application, only to find out you forgot to take a simple test, or provide a document. Not only do you lose the application fee after being refused, but you also have to leave the UK. You may not have another opportunity to come back, meaning you have lost your income stream and may have to uproot your family from school. We strongly advise all applicants to use the same day service were possible to protect their employment and family.

Do I Need To Visit Your Office?

No, you don’t need to visit us. The majority of our clients do most of their work online and by telephone, meaning you don’t have to take any time off work. Office appointments carry a consultation fee and appointment must be booked in advance. To save you paying a consultation fee you can arrange a free eligibility check over the phone or email us to see what we can do to help you get your visa approved. Our representative meets you at the Premium Service Centre before your appointment and will guide you through the entire process until your application is approved, helping explain any stages along the way.

I have used WM Immigration for 3 of my immigration applications since coming to the UK. They first helped me get my Tier 1 General, then an extension and most recently my ILR. I’m glad I kept returning to use their service as William is fast at responding to my questions and their legal representatives are very professional. I always felt at ease and my visa application stress was much lower when getting help from WM Immigration.


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Application Services

  • Eligibility confirmation check
  • Provided with a tailored & comprehensive document list
  • Review of all your documents
  • Advice on Home Office document requirements
  • Suggestions on how to improve your application
  • Full completion of application forms – let us complete the form for you
  • Review and assistance with application form questions
  • Advice on submission location and procedures

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