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Spouse Visa Applications – What Are They and What Problems Can Occur?

uk spouse visa application

Coming to the UK alone is fairly easy. You somehow managed to get your settlement status – but now you also want to bring your spouse.

Sadly, however, it’s not as easy as packing your bags and hopping onto a plane. There are several issues that might occur – which means you may be forced to live apart from your spouse for a while.

Do you still want to prove that your love is strong? Here’s what you should know about your spouse visa – and the problems that you might come across.

What Is a Spouse VISA Application? 

A spouse visa application is a document that permits your partner to stay alongside you in the United Kingdom. Granted, there are many types of visa – and if your partner manages to come to the UK on his or her own, this might make things all the better and easier for you.

However, if a spouse visa is the only way for you to bring them there, then they will have to respect a list of conditions. Applying for it is easy; they can do it while they are outside of the UK. It’s the acceptance that generally causes the most trouble.

Technically speaking, a spouse may apply for a visa of this type if you:

  • Have received your British citizenship
  • Have settled in the UK and received your permanent residence
  • You are a refugee that has received status and/or humanitarian protection

Once the visa has been accepted, your partner will be able to stay in the UK with you – on the premise that you will get married within that timeframe. Even after you do get married, you will still have to renew your visa when it is close to its expiration date. This visa needs to be done while they are in the UK.

The Requirements

Before your partner has their visa accepted, there are certain requirements that you will have to meet. These requirements will include the following:

  • The Right Finances

In order for your partner’s visa to be approved, you need to prove that you, the British citizen is able to support the partner until they are able to find work and support themselves.

If it’s only your spouse, you have to prove that you earn at least £18,600 per year. On the other hand, if there are non-British children in the mix, then the requirement goes even higher.

Aside from your initial income, you need to prove that you can earn £3,800 for your first child and £2,400 for any children that may arrive after that. If you have savings, you can also use those as proof of income – so you don’t have to rely only on your salary.

  • Proof of Love

It might sound corny, but in order for the visa to go through, you need to prove that you love each other. You will be questioned on anything from how you met to how you spent your time together and how you see each other.

If you or your partner were previously married before, it might show the officials that you can handle wedding planning in an easier fashion. However, you have to provide proof that the relationship with the ex has ended (i.e. divorce papers).

  • A Suitable Home

In order to receive your spouse as a “partner in your space,” you need to prove that you have where to house him or her. This means that not only will you need a stable home, but one that is not too overcrowded for two people (or how many are coming with them).

  • Knowledgeable on the English Language

If your partner already comes from a country where English is spoken, this requirement isn’t even going to phase them. However, if they are from a country where English is not so widely utilised, then they will have to pass a listening and speaking test.

Once the visa has passed through and you have gotten married, your partner will have to renew it once every 2.5 years – so he or she is not in the clear. However, once they have stayed in the UK for 5 years, they can apply for their own permanent residence. Once the 6th year has come to pass, they may apply for their own British citizenship.

Problems that Might Occur

The problem with visas is that you can never know what’s going to happen – particularly with Brexit breathing down your neck. Here are some common problems that might inconvenience you when getting your partner’s visa:

  1. If you are applying from overseas, it can take between 2 and 4 months for the visa to be processed – which means you will be separated from your partner for a fairly long time. However, this is only the case when you are applying for the first time.
  2. As a British citizen, you can only apply for your partner’s visa if you have been employed for at least 6 months. This means that if you are unemployed, you have to wait 6 months after you get the job – then 2-4 more months until the visa is accepted.
  3. If you get paid in cash, this might be rather complicated – since you’ll need proof of regular income. It is best if you talk with your employer so that they deposit the money into a bank account – yours or one that is directly linked to you.
  4. If you have been together for less than two years, your “true love” might receive a shadow of a doubt. You need to prove that you have been together (in person) long enough for the Home Office to believe your marriage will last.

Final Thoughts

As long as you have been together with your partner for a fair amount of time – and you can prove that you have the means to be a sponsor – then there should be no problems in getting your visa. You just have to get past the paperwork.

If you want to bring your partner into the UK with you, then we can help you out. No couple should be forced to live apart just because of citizenship and precarious finances.

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