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Announcement from Rob Whiteman , UK Border Agency chief executive

Official response to Brodie Clark’s statement of 8 November by Rob Whiteman , UK Border Agency chief executive .

“Brodie Clark admitted to me on 2 November that on a number of occasions this year he authorised his staff to go further than Ministerial instruction . I therefore suspended him from his duties . In my opinion it was right for officials to have recommended the pilot so that we focus attention on higher risks to our border , but it is unacceptable that one of my senior officials went further than was approved .”

The UKBA has since been disbanded and renamed under the Home Office. Migrants now coming to the UK will start to use the term “Home Office” instead of UKBA while those still here in the UK are likely to continue to call it UKBA as that is what they are used to.

This announcement further confirms that the UKBA have issues starting at the top with the Home Secretary and working right down in dealing with immigration for the UK and creating a fair and equal immigration policy. It seems they are playing a blame game with the home Secretary not taking the old “The buck stops here” approach. The current government have made it public that they are against migrants coming to the UK and will do as much as possible to slow or stop this despite economic issues related to the slow down of immigration.


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