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This pilot program allows those in the UK to look up their Visa data quickly and easily. Here’s when you need it and what to expect.

If you are a migrant living in the UK, there is a quick and easy way to look up your visa data. It comes in the form of the UK Fast Track Application Request and it’s an efficient way to obtain the information you need.

Currently an ongoing pilot scheme, a UK Fast Track Application will be of interest to all migrants, particularly those migrants on a Tier 2 visa or a spouse visa.

So, what exactly is a UK fast track request? And how do you go about acquiring the information you are entitled to?

Read on for our full, comprehensive guide.

UK Fast Track Application – The Background

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a range of rights when a person or organisation takes and records your personal details. The Act applies to data which is held, or intended to be held, on computers or held in a filing system.

Among other things, you have a right to view the data held on file.

The Home Office has such details within the context of your immigration record. As a result, you have a statutory right to access that information.

Fast Track – A Pilot Scheme

UK Fast Track applications are currently being offered under a pilot scheme.

That scheme officially ran until 31st January 2016. The success of the scheme is currently being evaluated. During the evaluation period, fast track applications can still be processed.

This means that if you want to request a fast track application, it would be a good idea to request one as soon as possible.

Why Chose The UK Fast Track Application?

If time is not on your side, the fast track pilot scheme is a great option. Filling out the standard

Filling out the standard Subject Access Request is a longer, more time-consuming process. It takes 40 days to receive a reply. Some people simply don’t have that kind of time.

If you opt to go with the Fast Track scheme, you receive a reply in half the time, 20 days.

A major benefit of the UK Fast Track application is that it’s completely free.

What Can You Access?

The UK Fast Track application does not give you a complete copy of your Home Office file. Rather, it gives you specific access to information in the following 3 areas:

1. IT Records

You can obtain information from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) computerised casework database. The type of information that can be disclosed here includes the following:

  • Your immigration history
  • Any caseworker notes
  • Immigration decisions from the past
  • Any information on appeals and appeal decisions

Your IT records won’t include Border Force or information about Immigration Enforcement. It also won’t include any correspondence sent or received by UK Visas and Immigration.

2. Your Entry Clearance Records

Entry clearance is the procedure that was used by Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) before you arrived in the UK. It sought to verify whether you qualified under the Immigration Rules for entry to the UK.

If you have made any clearance applications at a British embassy since 1998, a UK Fast Track application will provide you with any available electronic records relating to those records.

3. Your Landing Card Records

A landing card is an arrival card that non-EEA citizens are required to complete on entry to the United Kingdom. It is usually generated when you enter the UK via a port on a temporary visa.

If you ever had to receive a landing card, or if any record of a landing card is held electronically about you dated within the last ten years, you will have access to that information if you request a fast track application.

UK Fast Track Application – How to Do It

When you are seeking a UK Fast Track Application request, you must apply via the Gov.Uk website. There, you’ll look for the ‘Application for fast track records only’ form.

You must download this application form, print it out and fill it in. After you’ve provided all the relevant details, you must sign your application. You will also be asked to provide photo ID – without it, your application will be rejected.

You will also be asked to provide photo ID. This is important. Without it, your application will be rejected.

When you’ve filled out all the information required for your request, send it to the following address:

Subject Access Request Unit,

UK Visas and Immigration,

Lunar House,

40 Wellesley Road,



The Application Itself

The application is a painless process. It’s quick and very straightforward. a 5-page document, neatly divided into the following 6 separate categories:

The application form itself is a 5-page document, neatly divided into the following 6 separate categories:

1. Data (Mandatory)

The first section requests some basic details about yourself.

These include your contact address, place of birth, parents names. etc.

2. Details of Information Required (Mandatory)

This section asks you to tick the boxes of the information you require. That is, whether you want your IT Records, or your Entry Clearance Records, or your Landing Card Records. You can, of course, request all three.

3. Representative Details (If Relevant)

You only need to fill out this section if you have a representative working on your behalf.

4. Declaration (Mandatory)

This declaration requires you to confirm that you are the person you say you are in Section 1.

5. Previous Subject Access Requests (If Relevant)

This section only applies if you have previously received a Subject Access Request (SAR) disclosure.

6. Additional Information (If Relevant)

Section 6 asks you for any previous immigration details.

It also requires information pertaining to your status when you entered the United Kingdom; if you were a dependent when entering or a dependent on a parent/spouse application.

What Happens Next?

If your UK Fast Track application request is valid, UK Visas and Immigration will acknowledge this in writing. They’ll provide you with a reference number relating to your SAR. They’ll start processing your records.

If your request is valid, but you cannot be identified, you will be informed of this and your request will be closed.

If your request is invalid, (for example, if you provided no ID), your application will be rejected.

UK Fast Track Application

The Fast Track pilot scheme allows you easy access to the immigration information you are entitled to. While the system is being reviewed, it might be a good idea to request that information as soon as possible.

As always, we’re here to help. If you need any more information, get in touch. We’re happy to help.

We strongly encourage you to seek Immigration advice before submitting your application. Find out how we can help – Response within 24 hrs


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