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UK Visa Application Fee Increase

 Immigration minister Damian Green has issued a written ministerial statement proposing an increase in visa fees, and an increase in the UK-based visa application fee.

The proposals will be laid in Parliament in 2 separate regulations and, subject to Parliamentary approval, the government hopes to bring the new fees into force from 6 April 2012.

Immigration minister, Damian Green said:

‘It is only fair that those who use and benefit from the immigration system contribute a higher share of the cost of running it – reducing the burden on the UK taxpayer.’

Fees will increase by only 2 per cent in the majority of cases, but there will be higher increases on certain routes.

Visa Application Fee Increases – What you need to know

  • UK Visa Application fees increase at least yearly
  • The usual dates for increase are the 6th of April each year
  • Be aware that in the past fees have increased mid year with October being one of the more common months
  • If you apply using the wrong fee your application can be refused and you may be out of time to reapply

A full table of the proposed fees is included in the written ministerial statement, which can be reviewed on our UK Visa Application fee page.

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