English Language Test Requirement

The Home Office provide a list of Secure English Language Tests that have been assessed as meeting the Home Office’s strict English Language Test requirements for spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners, same sex partners, fiancé(e)s and proposed civil partners.

Applicants should note that, although many test providers show a UK address, all approved test providers are able to offer testing in a number of countries. 


What is the English Language Test Requirement?

For those who are not from an approved English speaking country they must have some form of qualification or English test to satisfy this requirement. The test must be taken at one of the new approved Secure English Test Centres to meet the English language Test requirements. Here is a list of ways you can met this English Test requirement.

  1. Pass an approved test at a minimum of level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with an approved English Test provider
  2. Be a citizenship of a majority English speaking country
  3. Have an academic qualification recognised by UK NARIC to be equivalent to the standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in the UK, which was taught or researched in English.


If you satisfy the above criteria then you will meet the English language test requirement for your spouse or partner visa. There are other factors such as how long ago you took the test and higher test requirements are needed for your ILR application later on.  For this reason if you can take a test at a higher level than A1 such as B1 it avoids you having to take another test before the end of your 5 years when you begin to apply for your permanent Residence (ILR).

If you are unsure or need guidance with understanding the English Language Test requirements or help with your visa application contact us today for a free eligibility assessment.

English Language Test Requirements