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How to get English test results fast?

For many visa categories you need English Test results fast. Nowadays the UKBA have limited who can provide these tests and which tests are satisfactory. Our organisation is contacted regularly by many English test providers so we have built up a considerable list of English Test providers in the UK. What is more important though, is that we discuss with these English Test providers regarding the speed at which a client can get a test and more importantly, get their results.

English test results quickly

Many times visa applicants find themselves in a situation where they need to obtain their English test results very fast. they may only have a set amount of time left on their visa or they may already have a same day visa appointment booked at the Home Office Premium Service Centre. Whatever the reason getting your results fast is important so you can get your visa.

If you contact us for a consultation we will be able to liaise with various Test providers who are in direct contact with us to secure you an appointment. This can avoid you paying to return home or missing your PEO sameday visa appointment. If you find yourself in any of these situations contact us and we can help avoid these issues.

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