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ILR and British Citizenship fees set to increase

ILR Fees to rise again

The Home Office have announced that the fees for Indefinite Leave to Remain are set to rise again in April 2016. Currently, the fee for Settlement – ILR is £1500 if you mail the application and £400 extra if you want to available of the Home Office Premium Same Day Service such as that offered at Croydon PEO. The new ILR fees are expected to increase by 25-30%. This means about a £500 increase from the 6th April 2016, bringing the total cost of ILR to £2000 for a mail application.

But there’s even more fee increases for ILR

The Home Office are going to increase the Same Day Premium Service fee at the PEOs by around £100. that will bring the same day fee to £500 additional to your application fee or £2500 for am ILR same day application at the Croydon PEO. This is a huge fee increase. A total of £600 for a single applicant for settlement through the same day visa service. What about a family? If there is 5 applicants then the fee increase will be by £3000. The sums are astronomical now for applying to settle in the UK.

British Citizen fees to increase

The Home Office is also going to cash in on the fees charged to naturalise in the UK and become a British citizen. Currently, an adult application through form AN is £1005. The increase will bring this fee to around £1300. This is another hit to families and couples and considering they removed the couples discount last year, it shows how much the Home Office will continue to go on increasing the British citizenship fees.

What can you do to reduce your ILR or British Citizenship fees?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to reduce the fees you paid for your immigration services. What you can do is apply if eligible before April 2016 to save on paying the additional 25-30% increase in the fees. Outside of this, our advice is to ensure you check your application very carefully and ensure every Home Office requirement has been satisfied and to the way they expect. If your concerned about any aspect of your ILR or Naturalisation application then contact WM Immigration for assistance to help you avoid those costly mistakes and keep you from having to pay the ILr or citizenship fees again.

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