UK Quick Facts

Learn about some interesting UK Facts

Here are some quick UK facts about the United Kingdom to help you understand move about our country if you are considering moving to the UK or visiting. The United Kingdom is a hugely popular location when it comes to tourist destinations. The UK is an island located on the west part of Europe. It has a population of around 65 Million the UK is made of of 4 countries. They are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is not physically attached to the mainland as it is part of the island of Ireland. It can be reached by plane or ferry quite easily though. If you travel to Northern Ireland from other parts of the UK you do not need to show a visa as you are not entering a new country and are still in the United Kingdom.

Here are some Quick UK Facts

  • Type of government: The UK has a constitutional monarchy
  • Highest Mountain: Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland, at 4,406 ft
  • Annual Mean Temperature: Approximately 10 degrees Celsius
  • Capital City: London
  • Economy: World leading economy with the best European financial investment sector based in the UK
  • Language and money: The main spoken language is English (Gaelic in some parts) and the currency is the pound also referred to as Sterling