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UK Transit Visa

Visa to help travel through the UK

You need a Transit Visa if you are passing through the UK on your way to another country and you are a Visa national.

You will need a Transit Visa to pass through the UK on the way to another country if you:

  • are a visa national;
  • are a direct airside transit visa (DATV) national (see below); or
  • hold a non-national, including refugee, travel document.

Visa nationals – Those that require a UK Visitor Visa

If you will be staying in the UK for up to 48 hours before you continue your journey, you will need a ‘visitor in transit’ visa. If you want to stay in the UK for longer than 48 hours, you will need to apply for a UK Visitor Visa before travelling to the UK as a visitor.

What about travelling to Ireland from the UK?

If you are arriving and departing the UK within 24 hours, in transit to a country outside the Common Travel Area (the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland collectively form a common travel area), an Immigration Officer may exercise discretion to allow you to pass through the UK on your way to another country without holding a visa. This is known as ‘transit without visa’ (TWOV).

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