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Here at WM Immigration we have extensive experience with Irish citizenship applications based on ancestry. whether you are the child of an Irish parent or have a grand parent born in Ireland, we will be able to assist you in determining eligibility and how to make your application. Depending on your circumstances there are different application processes and procedures and we will ensure to guide you, through these stages making for smooth, stress-free application for Irish citizenship from ancestry.

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There are many ways to qualify for Irish citizenship. This depends on different Irish Citizenship qualifying factors such

  • You have been living and working in Ireland
  • Married to someone from Ireland or the EEA and living there
  • Have parents born in Ireland, but you weren’t
  • Have grand parents born in Ireland, but you weren’t
  • Able to claim Irish Citizenship through your recent ancestry


If you want to know how you may qualify for Irish Citizenship through your parent’s or grand parents then the table below shows the different ways you can qualify

If you are: Then you are:
A Born in the island of Ireland on or before 31 December 2004 Entitled to Irish citizenship or you are an Irish citizen
B Born on the island of Ireland on or after 1 January 2005 Entitled to Irish citizenship if your parents are Irish. Entitled to Irish citizenship, if your parents are foreign nationals legally resident in the island of Ireland for 3 out of 4 years immediately prior to your birth.
C Child of A, born outside the island of Ireland An Irish citizen
D Child of C and a grandchild of A, born outside the island of Ireland Entitled to Irish citizenship, but you must first register in the Foreign Births Register
E a child of D and a great-grandchild of A, born outside the island of Ireland Entitled to Irish citizenship, by having your birth registered in the Foreign Births Register, but only if your parent D had registered by the time of your birth.
Irish ancestry

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Living in Northern Ireland – Irish Naturalisation

If you have been living in Northern Ireland legally for 3 years then you may qualify to naturalise as an Irish citizen. Many migrants who move to Northern Ireland to work may not realise they can naturalise as an Irish Citizen giving them the right to work and live not only in Ireland, but the rest of the EU including the UK unrestricted.

If you need advice or guidance on how to apply for Irish Citizenship or naturalise as an Irish citizen then contact WM Immigration for further information

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