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Same day visa pressure builds

Same day visa pressure builds

Applications for visas within the UK made using the UKBA PEO same day visa process is coming under immense pressure. With the increased risk of refusal due to pressure at the UK Border agency and the estimated 4000 plus job cuts they face in the next few years it makes sense to apply for a visa using the sameday visa process.

Benefits to a UK visa applicant and avoiding the Same day visa pressure are:

  • Visa processed in one day
  • Documents are returned sameday so no risk of being lost in the mail
  • You don’t have to wait months and stress out over your application
  • If your visa is refused on when using the same day visa service you have time to correct your problem and reapply for a UK Visa in the near future. If you mail an application and it is refused after 3 months of waiting and your current visa has then expired then you will have to leave the country costing you £1000s as opposed to the small extra fee required for sameday visa service.
Obtaining these appointments has become harder and harder as more people are thinking of the reduced risk it involves. The UKBA are set to close the Tier 1 PSW visa next year so there is only a few months left to apply for this visa. Considering some PEOs are already booked up into January 2012 it makes sense to act now and secure a place as soon as possible. If you find you are in a situation where you can’t secure an appointment contact WM Immigration’s sameday visa team by email and they will respond letting you know if they can secure you an appointment.

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