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Long Residence Application

Indefinite Leave to Remain through 10 year route

The Home Office announced in April 2015 that they will accept Long Residence Applications for their Premium Same Day Service. This is great news for those applicants who in previous years had to wait over 6 months for a 10 year ILR Long Residence application to be decided. For those more complicated Long Residence (LR) applications where there have been long periods outside the UK, gaps in the applicant’s immigration history or missing information, the Home Office is unlikely to approve these applications through the Premium Long Residence Same Day Service.

What are Long residence applications?

  • Visa holders who have been legally in the UK for 10 years
  • The period of 10 years can be made up of any visas such as Tier 4 student visa, Tier 1 PSW Visa, Dependent visa etc
  • Providing the applicant hasn’t been absent from the UK for too long they should qualify. Time outside the UK depends on the circumstances adding complications, which is why the Long Residence applications have not typically been offered through the Same Day service in the past
  • A Long Residence application is an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain on the basis of being in the UK for 10 years
  • The application for ILR is independent and doesn’t include family members, therefore their status should be considered and how changing to ILR may affect your dependents future

What are the advantages of applying for Long Residence through the Premium Same Day ILR Service?

  • Avoid the long wait. In the past LR ILR Applications can take up to 1 year to be processed when mailed. Get a decision on your ILR the same day is of great peace of mind and comfort. No more stressful periods of the unknown. Now you can get your decision for Long Residence quickly
  • If your current visa expires when you mail your 10 year ILR application you have limited options available to you if a problem arises. If you fail in your application and appeal then you have to leave the UK. If you used the same day ILR service for your Long Residence application while you still have valid leave to remain then if there was a refusal or rejection you will have time to address the issue or extend your current visa. this creates a huge security blanket for LR applicants using the Same day premium service

Will my Long Residence application be approved on the same day?

If an application is comprehensive and contains all the required documents and evidence then there is a good chance of the Home Office approving your application. If there are complex problems that need addressed and you don’t have the required information or can’t obtain it then your application may be sent to the mail processing centre and you will have to wait a similar time as those who send a mail application. This is why preparation is key to ensuring the best chance of success in a Long Residence ILR application.

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