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Study in the UK

In the UK if Universities don’t fill all the places they have for a degree course then it goes into clearing. This typically happens in August each year after the high school results have come out and there is a scramble for places. What many prospective overseas students may not know is that they can gain a place at a high ranking UK University only a few weeks before the start of the course. If you check through many of the UK University sites or search for Clearing then you will find opportunities for Tier 4 Students. Prestigious courses such as Pharmacy, Maths and many other sciences end up in clearing. This is not only because the course is not popular, but with increased government quotas, Universities have been able to recruit many more students creating much more opportunity for Tier 4 students to study in the UK. If you are an overseas student wanting to study in the UK then contact different UK Universities to find out which courses are open to Tier 4 students.

Advantages of Studying in the UK

  • World class education – The UK has some of the best ranked and respected Universities in the world
  • Employability – If you graduate from a UK University and return to your home country you will be much more in demand than many other job applicants
  • Part time work – During your Degree you and your dependents can usually work bringing in extra cash and experience
  • Work in the UK – If you apply carefully and interview well with a large company you can get sponsored under the Tier 2 Visa system permitting you to stay in the UK and work after your studies


If you think you have missed your opportunity to study in the UK, then think again. There are many university places that will accept you even if you performed poorly in your exams. Contact them today to find out if you could be studying in the UK.


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