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Tier 1 General Extension closure

The Tier 1 General Extension closure is coming. The Home Office has decided to close the Tier 1 General visa down for good. This means no more extensions after APRIL 2015 for any on the Tier 1 General route. This can cause serious issues to some people who may be short of a few months or maybe a year before they are able to obtain settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain). The Tier 1 General Extension closure will cause problems for some Tier 1 holders who fall short for ILR.

Here are some tips from WM Immigration to help you consider your situation if you require a Tier 1 General Extension

  • Review the date your first visa was issued and the time you entered the UK
  • Check to see if you qualify for ILR before April 2015
  • Review the amount of days you have been absent.  You may think you are eligible only to find out your ILR clock may start from a different date
  • Think about maintenance funds for your Tier 1 General Extension before the April 2015 closure
  • Consider your earnings now and how much you will have by then ensuring you will meet the threshold for points

Applying for ILR under the Tier 1 rules can be difficult to understand due to the points required for ILR from Tier 1. The points scored vary depending on when you got your first visa, the age you where at the time you got your first visa and your highest qualification. Mostly what fluctuates the widely is your earnings. This is something you can’t control in the same way as the other fixed assets such as your qualification or age.

If you are unsure about any of the process it is advised to seek professional advice.  If you are refused an extension or fail to obtain settlement you will likely have to leave the UK. Obtaining Tier 2 and other visas has become much more difficult and other options may reset your ILR clock.


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