Prospective Student Visa

Prospective students are people who intend to study in the UK but have not yet been accepted into a course of study. Prospective students are granted a visa of up to 6 months in order to explore their educational options in the UK. Once a Prospective Student has been accepted into a course of Study they can apply for a Tier 4 Visa.


They will be required to show that they intend to follow a course of study but that they have not yet been accepted into a recognised course of study at an approved institution in the UK. They will need to demonstrate that they can financially support themselves whilst in the UK and will not undertake employment.


If successful the visa holder will be able to enter the UK for up to six months to explore their educational options at UK colleges and Universities.  This visa leads to a Tier 4 Student Visa and is technically classed as a special visitor visa. It is advised to contact our office if you are considering applying for this visa to ensure you meet all the criteria and understand how you will progress through your immigration route.

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Prospective Student Visa