Many applicants have obtained their visas at different times so this guide is to help understand the transition rules for those switching from FLRM to ILR. The purpose of this post is to clarify those who are eligible for ILR.

How do the transition rules for those switching from FLRM to ILR apply?

If you applied for FLR(M) under Part 8 of the  rules as  a PBS dependent before July 2012. Then as per immigration rule 287(a)(i)(d) you can apply for SET(M) combining the time spent as a PBS dependent with that under FLR(M) to meet the required 2 year period. You will also need B1 English and Life in the UK required for SET(M).

Also note that those with a partner that obtained ILR through Long Residence will have to wait until they meet the rules through appendix FM adding unnecessary time to the immigration process for these migrants.

If you find you are unsure of which category you fall into it is best to seek advice. Applying for ILR is the last step in the immigration process and it is vital that you understand if  the transition rules for those switching from FLRM to ILR apply to you or if you fall under another set of criteria set out by the Home Office.

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