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UK Civil Partner Visa

Permission to live and work in the UK with your civil partner

If you are in a civil partnership with a UK national, or if you are planning on creating a civil partnership to a UK national then the Civil Partner visa is suitable for you. Talk to an experienced UK immigration consultant and see how we can help reunite you with your loved one for good by getting you or your partner a Civil Partner Visa for the UK.

Civil Partners of UK citizens or permanent residents (mainly those with indefinite leave to remain) may come to the UK under the Civil Partner Visa UK category and are able to work as soon as the visa is granted.

You will need to meet the following Civil Partner Visa requirements:

If you have been together for less than four years you are granted a Civil Partner Visa for a probationary period of 30 months. If you are still in a partnership and living together after two years has passed then the visa holder can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. If you have been together for four years or more outside the UK and you have passed the Life in the UK test, you are eligible for indefinite leave to enter in the UK without having to live in the UK for two years or more.Note this route for Indefinite leave to Enter has since been shut down.

UK Civil Partner Visa Requirements

The UK citizen or permanent resident must have actually met their non-UK partner.

You must intend to live together permanently with your civil partner in order to obtain a Civil Partner Visa for the UK.

They must have sufficient savings or earnings of over £18,600

You must possess sufficient funds to pay you and your partner’s living expenses and those of any dependants without claiming public funds. Public funds cover various benefits paid by the UK Government if you are currently looking for work or if you are on a low income

Accommodation for the couple, and any dependants, must be suitable and available. It must not create overcrowding and you must have permission from the owner of the property for all your family to stay there.

Civil Partner’s seeking to come to the UK on the basis of a partnership to a UK Citizen should apply for entry clearance before entering the UK.

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