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Website of fake university is removed

An investigation carried out by Somerset County Council has seen the fake ‘Glastonbury University’ website removed.

It was feared that the website, which promoted a fictitious university, was being used to target unsuspecting applicants, particularly in the Far East. A London university reported the site after receiving an application from a student who claimed to have a degree from Glastonbury University.

The UKBA would advise anyone seeking immigration advice to contact an organisation that is properly regulated such as those by the OISC.

Investigations by Somerset County Council trading standards officers have resulted in the domain name and site being removed by specialist Metropolitan Police officers.

The investigation also revealed that the address given on the website for the university is actually an empty office building in the centre of town, and the impressive glass building featured on the site is in fact a library belonging to the University of Leicester.

The trading standards investigation involved contact with overseas companies and regulators including the Florida FBI, as well as correspondence with central government, and culminated in the domain name’s removal from the world wide web. This was achieved in co-operation with the police central e-crime unit of the Metropolitan Police.

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