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MN1 Child Citizenship Application

We can advise how to meet the rules for your child’s naturalisation application

Applying for naturalisation through form MN1

Note: If you have already sent the MN1 Child citizenship application to the Home Office we are unable to assist at this stage. Should the application be refused we can help you prepare to resubmit the application.

When a non-British Child is eligible they can apply to become registered as a British citizen through Form MN1. This route is different than their parents usually, who would be applying under form AN. There are different requirements that apply to children when applying for British Citizenship or to register as a British Citizen.

Some points to consider when a child is applying using form MN1

  • That they are under 18 at the time of application
  • That at least one parent has obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK
  • That the child was born in the UK if applying via section 1(3)
  • That the child was born abroad if applying through section 3 (2)
  • You have a long birth certificate for the child

Children born in the UK – Foreign Parents – Section 1(3)

If a child of non-British Parents is born in the UK they can’t apply for child Citizenship immediately. They must wait until one of the parents obtains Indefinite Leave to Remain. Once this happens then one of the parents can submit an application through form MN1 for the child born in the UK to register as a British Citizen.

Children Born Abroad to non-British Parents

A child who is born abroad to non-British parents is not able to apply for citizenship until one of the parents are applying. A parent can include the child in their British citizenship application and it will be considered by the Home Office. Approval is not guaranteed, but chances of MN1 approval are increased if both parents obtain British Citizenship or one parent has British citizenship and the other has Permanent Residence.

MN1 Child Citizenship Application FAQs

What Happens if my child’s citizenship application is refused?

There are many reasons why a child citizenship application using form MN1 could be refused. It could be the wrong form or fee was used which is a simple error to correct. Many times a certain type of child citizenship application will come under the discretion of the caseworker and your case may not have been as strong as it could have been. In any case, it is important to seek out legal advice to ensure you protect your child’s right to become registered as a British citizen.

How long will it take for my child to become registered as a British National?

Application processing times vary widely depending on the time of year. As an average estimate, you can expect your child’s MN1 application to take between 2-4 months. If it has taken longer this is not an indication of the outcome, but more to do with staffing issues. If the application has taken over 6 months you can contact the Home Office to inquire about the status of the application.

Does my child need ILR before applying for citizenship?

ILR is not a requirement for eligible children to register as a British citizen, but in certain circumstances, it may be more beneficial. The older the child the more they should think about obtaining ILR and their residency period in the UK should also be considered. Children born overseas should apply for ILR.

Should I Apply For My Child’s MN1 Application Myself?

If you would like us to manage your child’s MN1 application on your behalf, you should seek our professional advice at an early stage. This will ensure that your application is fully prepared and any relevant timing or issues addressed. By using our services we will assist in making sure you meet the strict Home Office naturalisation laws. This helps to avoid your application being rejected, costing you and your family a lot of emotional and financial stress.

For assistance with a child citizenship application our fees are £500 total and include the following:

  • 1.    Eligibility check
  • 2.    Custom document list and instructions
  • 3.    Review of documents once collected – to be scanned/uploaded and sent by email for review
  • 4.    Advice how to apply, where to apply and application procedures
  • 5.    Advice required to complete the form, including email/telephone support with all the form questions
  • 6.    Supporting cover letter to Home Office outlining your child’s case

Get help with your MN1 Citizenship application to ensure you meet the Home Office Requirements

MN1 Application Service – £500

  • Eligibility confirmation check
  • Provided with a tailored & comprehensive document list
  • Review of all your documents
  • Advice on Home Office document requirements
  • Suggestions on how to improve your application
  • Full completion of application forms – let us complete the form for you
  • Review and assistance with application form questions
  • Advice on submission location and procedures

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