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AN – Adult Naturalisation Application

Obtain British Citizenship with the correct guidance

Adults applying for British citizenship to become naturalised in the UK must use form AN- Adult Naturalisation Application form. An adult is an applicant who is over 18 years old on the day of application.

Where can I get the AN – Adult Naturalisation Application form from?

The Home Office provide a copy of the form on their website. This form can be updated regularly so it is important to apply on the correct form to avoid having your British Citizenship application rejected. There is also a payment sheet which is required to be submitted with form AN to provide payment for the British citizenship application fees.

The Home Office consider the AN application date:

  • The day you mail it which would be the day the post stamp is applied to the application. If you put it in a mailbox on a Saturday or Sunday the post date may not be until the following Monday
  • If you send it by courier then the date of application is the day the Home Office receive your application from them. This can be tricky as the courier may try several times if they are closed due to evenings, holidays or weekends.

Where do I send my AN – Adult Naturalisation Application to?

You must send your application to the following address. Please check it is correct at the time of posting as the Home Office have been known to update addresses and information on a regular basis.

Department 1
The Capital
New Hall Place
Liverpool L3 9PP

How much is a citizenship application through form AN?

Fees can vary depending on how you qualify. The standard fee is £1005 for those who qualify through being in the UK for 3, 6 or 11 years under the spouse visa, working visa or long residence routes.

If you are making an adult application for British citizenship and need advice contact WM Immigration. We can provide a Document Checking Service to ensure you meet the strict Home Office requirements

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