EEA PR Online Form

EEA PR Application Form

What is the new online form for EEA PR?

The Home Office are on a drive to change over as many of the paper application forms to online forms such as seen with the new EEA PR form. Their aim is to have all application forms completed online prior to sending your permanent residence documents. The EEA PR form is only in beta at the moment and not suitable for everyone to use. The fact the Home Office rolled this form out in the middle of a major surge of EEA applications, is a sign that they are trying to become more efficient. Since the Brexit referendum, there has been a huge increase in EEA PR and other associated EEA applications and it can be expected the Home Office are feeling the brunt of the Brexit problems.

Who is the new EEA PR online form for?

Firstly, the form is for an EEA national who has exercised treaty rights in the UK for at least 5 years and wants to obtain a document to certify EEA Permanent Residence. Only those applying by themselves with no family members and a straight forward salary type income can apply. This means that is you are a student or self-sufficient you can’t use this form and must rely on the traditional paper version of the EEA PR form. Also, those who are relying on family members for income purposes will not be able to use this form to apply for permanent residence. An example of someone who can’t use the form would be the following:

  • A spouse or unmarried partner who has been unemployed, but resident in the UK for 5 years and their EEA partner has been exercising treaty rights – You will need to use the paper form
  • A child or adult student who is dependent on a parent who has been exercising treaty rights for the 5 years
  • A parent or other extended family member who has been reliant on that family member to provide for them financially

How does it work when I use the new EEA PR online form?

There are several steps in the process, but here is a sample of steps in how the new online form process works.

  1. You will need your documents and paperwork ready in advance
  2. You will fill out the form and follow the questions, ensuring to provide the correct details
  3. Once you come to the end of the form you will submit and then make payment to the Home Office for £65
  4. You will then print the form and include it with your documents and send it to the Home Office for assessment

What are the advantages of using an online application form instead of a paper form?

As this is only a new form and still in beta/trial it is hard to know what will happen long term. It can be at least assumed the following would happen.

The normal paper EEA PR form application would follow in these stages:
1. The application is received by the Home Office and logged into their system
2. Payment is taken and a letter sent confirming payment has been processed
3. Caseworker assesses application and returns documents coupled with your EEA PR approval
The process when using the new Online EEA PR form:
1. The application is logged and a letter sent confirming receipt of the EEA application
2. A caseworker assesses the EEA application and returns your documents coupled with your EEA PR approval
This may help speed up your application by 4-6 weeks possibly.

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