Immigration fees have increased since the 18th March 2016

Visa Fees

Immigration Fees Continue to Increase

The Home Office recently announced that the fees for UK Visa applications will increase from the 18th March 2016. The Government fee increase for Uk Visas is above that of inflation for some categories of immigration. Many visa or immigration routes have increased by as much as 25% which is certainly above the cost of inflation. Indefinite Leave to Remain has seen the biggest monetary jump going from £1,500 to £1,875. An increase of £375 for a settlement application. The Premium Same Day Service fee has risen from £400 per person to £500. This is an increase of £100.

Therefore, if you were to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain through premium service, which is one of the most common Same Day Visa applications made at the Home Office, you would be paying an additional £475 for your application. This is a hefty fee increase and will be felt by many migrants who are trying to complete the last stage in their immigration journey. For a migrant family of 5 applying for ILR after 18th March 2016, they will now find themselves out of pocket by £2,375. This will hit some harder than others depending on the migrant’s income and savings held over the previous years.

Conservative Party Raise Fees Again

Since the Conservative party took control in Downing street, some have raised concerns that the Home Office have it in for most migrants, especially those from outside the EEA area. The continual fee increase and increased restrictions on immigration have made circumstances incredibly difficult for many migrants which affects their family and children. The government has no control over the migration patterns from EEA nationals, hence it can only target those from non-eea countries.

This is an unfair practice and hurts many innocent migrants that came to the UK to create a better life for themselves. In the past 5 years fees for immigration have nearly tripled and quadrupled in some cases. This can be considered a method of pricing some out of immigration and reducing the number of migrants who are able to either continue to stay in the UK or migrate here initially.

How Much Are the Fees For A British Citizenship Application?

Fees for British Naturalisation have risen from £1,005 to £1,236. This increase of £231 is high, but doesn’t affect migrants in the same was as immigration and visa fee increases. When a migrant obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain they are free from immigration restrictions and this means they don’t have to make any new visa applications. For this reason, they can wait out the fee increase until their financial situation is better. Migrants on visas such as Tier 2 or spouse visas do not have this luxury as they are up against a clock and must apply to extend or settle before they have to leave the country. That is why the large increase to ILR applications is the biggest disadvantage to those in financial difficulty at the end of their 5 or 10-year migration path.

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