Visa Nationals

Visa nationals are those who need a visa for every entry to the United Kingdom (UK), though some may be able to “Transit Without Visa”. Those who need visas for transit as well are listed below under Direct Airside transit. If you are a visa national and you want to travel to visit the UK you will need to apply for a UK Visitor Visa which you should apply for at least 3 months in advance of wanting to visit the UK.

Below is a list of Visa National Countries

Afghanistan Georgia Occupied Palestinian Territories
Albania Ghana Oman (but not holders of Diplomatic or Special passport)
Algeria Guinea Pakistan
Angola Guinea Bissau Peru
Armenia Guyana Philippines
Azerbaijan Haiti Qatar (but not holders of Diplomatic or Special passport)
Bahrain India Russia
Bangladesh Indonesia Rwanda
Belarus Iran Sao Tome & Principe
Benin Iraq Saudi Arabia
Bhutan Ivory Coast Senegal
Bolivia** Jamaica*** Serbia
Bosnia-Herzegovina Jordan Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso Kazakhstan Somalia
Burma (Myanmar) Kenya South Africa*
Burundi Korea (Dem. People’s Rep) Sri Lanka
Cambodia Kosovo Sudan
Cameroon Kuwait Surinam
Cape Verde Kyrgyzstan Swaziland*
Central African Republic Laos Syria
Chad Lebanon Tajikistan
China, People’s Rep.of Lesotho* Tanzania
Colombia Liberia Taiwan – but only if: visiting for longer than 6 months; or intending to work; or your passport does not include a personal identification number
Comoros Libya Thailand
Congo, Democratic Republic of Macau (travel permit only) Togo
Congo, Republic of Macedonia Tunisia
Cuba Madagascar Turkey
Cyprus, northern part of Malawi Turkmenistan
Djibouti Mali Uganda
Dominican Republic Mauritania Ukraine
Ecuador Moldova United Arab Emirates (but not holders of Diplomatic or Special passport)
Egypt Mongolia Uzbekistan
Equatorial Guinea Montenegro Vatican City (Holy See Service and Temporary Service passport holders only)
Eritrea Morocco Venezuela**
Ethiopia Mozambique Vietnam
Fiji Nepal Yemen
Gabon Niger Zambia
Gambia Nigeria Zimbabwe


* Since 1 July 2009, nationals of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland need a visa to enter or transit through the UK.


** Since 18 May 2009:


Nationals of Bolivia – need a visa to enter or transit through the UK.

Nationals of Venezuela – Holders of the new Venezuelan biometric, machine readable passports issued from 2007 will no longer require a visa to enter the UK for a visit lasting no more than 6 months, unless the category they are entering under requires a mandatory visa under the Immigration rules.


Venezuelan nationals holding passports issued before 2007 which are not biometric, machine readable will still need a visa to enter the UK no matter which category of entry clearance they are apply for.


*** Since 3 March 2009, nationals of Jamaica need a visa to enter or transit through the UK.


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