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Saving money with Family ILR and MN1 application

Many migrant families will register their child or children born in the UK for British Citizenship through an MN1 application after they themselves obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain. Currently the cost of an ILR application is £1500 and £1900 if you apply through the Home Office Same day Premium Service for their Permanent Residence. Many families applying for ILR don’t realise that they can skip the settlement application for their children and go straight to getting the child their citizenship through the MN1 route.

What is an MN1 Application

This is the application form used to apply for your child to register or naturalise as a British Citizen in the UK.

How can I save money on my families ILR application?

Under Home Office guidance your child will be entitled to British Citizenship through section 1(3) if the child was born in the UK as the parents have ILR or British Citizenship. This means that they can skip the settlement application and once the parents have their Indefinite Leave to Remain biometric Card they can submit their child’s application through the MN1 route.

Will there be a problem if I don’t obtain a settlement visa or ILR for my child?

No, your child doesn’t need ILR or Settlement to qualify for Citizenship and will not be refused if they don’t have their settlement BRP card. We assist many families with this route saving them £1000s on the already very expensive Home Office visa application fees.

What if their current leave to remain expires?

Your child doesn’t need a valid visa or ILR to apply through section 1(3) to register as a British Citizen. Your child may not even have any visa or ILR when you make their MN1 application, this is fine. For instance if your child was born in June 2015 and the parents qualify for ILR in September 2015, they do not need to get the child a visa or ILR. They can skip this stage and get them registered as a British Citizen.

If you need assistance getting your child British Citizenship or want to know how we can help save you expensive fees, then contact WM Immigration for a free assessment.

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