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Settlement in the UK is continually becoming more difficult

Migrants have settled in the UK for 1000s of years. It’s only been in the past generation that this process has become much more complex, tricky and harder to obtain. Those here working on various work permits and visas are now finding it harder than ever to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain. Continual government changes over the past 4 years have seen this process become very hard.

Changes to Settlement in the UK by the Home Office

There has been the introduction of English language requirements for both partners and main applicants, even those on work visas where in the past it was only for those on the spouse visa route. The life in the UK test has been made harder and will likely be made even harder in the future. For some they now have to wait 5 years instead of 2 or 3 years with some of the new changes in settlement rules. Children who come with their mother to join their father are left without settlement even if one parent has now gained British Citizenship.

These are some of the new complexities and difficult situations that have been created to reduce immigration in and to the UK. Planning is essential and key to ensure you don’t fall down in your Indefinite Leave to Remain application to some of these rules and requirements. It is best to plan ahead and consider how you would deal with issues in advance. Being prepared and knowing what to expect in advance will give you the greatest chance of success when it comes to your Indefinite Leave to Remain application in the UK.

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