UK Immigration

UK Immigration is a complex process surrounded in ever changing and difficult to interpret immigration and visa laws. As someone who may be preparing to apply for a UK visa for the first time the thought of trying to understanding the many stages in the UK Immigration process can be daunting. Even for those seasoned applicants who have applied themselves many times successfully, there is always an area of doubt and sometimes lack of understanding for how new or transitional rules may apply to them and their family. WM Immigration aim to take the hassle, stress and guess work out of your UK Immigration Application so it’s in a the hands of experienced and OISC regulated consultants who understand the UK Visa and Immigration rules. If you want to apply with confidence then contact us for advice or to find out how we can help get your visa approved the Same Day at the Home Office Premium Service Centres.

UK Immigration and Visa Routes

Migrating to the UK can be difficult when you are faced with many visa categories. Here is a summary of the main Immigration categories for which you can read further to learn about which visa is best for you to come to the UK.

Work Visas

There are many different UK work visas. The most common are the Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Tier 2 General Sponsored Visa routes. There are other options to work in the UK which you can find here….


Student Visas

If you are thinking of studying at some of the worlds most prestigious Universities then the UK has quite a few of them. The main student visa is called the Tier 4 General. You can learn about student visas and other routes to study in the UK here….


Partner Visas

There are a variety of different ways for your loved ones to migrate to the UK. Depending on your relationship and situation different routes and categories can apply such as ….

EEA Family Permits and Residence Cards

If you are an EEA citizen or have non-EEA family members then you will need to apply for the correct permissions to show you or your family are legally entitled to reside or visit the UK. The different EEA Residence routes are….

Visitor Visas

For those who are visa nationals and must obtain a visitor visa for the UK then there are several immigration routes available to come to the UK as a visitor …

British Citizenship

After spending between 3 to 6 years in the UK you will be able to apply for British Citizenship depending on many factors related to how you came to the UK and what visas or permissions you had during your time in the United Kingdom. British citizenship represents the last hurdle for a migrant and ensures they will be able to stay in the UK forever. The different routes to British citizenship are ….


We are regulated by the OISC and can be found on their list of registered advisers. The Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) ensures that all regulated Advisers comply with the Code of Standards and Commissioner’s Rules and also that they are competent to give immigration advice. Our Company registration number with the OISC is F201000102.