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British Citizenship Application

Naturalise as a British Citizen

A British Citizenship application is the end of your long immigration journey. This represents the last application you will make. It is important to ensure you have checked all the requirements so when you make your application everything goes as planned. In terms of difficulty this application is much easier than previous applications and the Home Office are a little more lenient in procedures. If you forgot to send in a document for your British Citizenship application the Home Office for instance may write to you or WM Immigration if we are representing you to ask for this additional document. This leniency is not typically experienced during immigration applications. It is important to understand that you are applying for British Citizenship and not a British Passport. The passport application will come after you have your citizenship application approved and have attended the ceremony to collect your certificate of citizenship.

The key areas to focus on for your Application are:

  • Current application form AN for adults and MN1 for children is used
  • Ensure you have not been out of the UK for longer than 450 days in the past 5 years or 90 days in the past 12 months
  • Check your Referees who sign the form are acceptable by the Home Office
  • Enclose the correct fee
  • Enclose the required immigration documents to show your immigration history

By following the guidelines and requirements such as that for the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK it will help ensure everything goes much smoother when it comes to your British citizenship application. Other factors such as time outside the country, criminal history, immigration history may negatively affect your application so it is important to check that you meet these Home Office requirements and for your application. Most applications are processed within 3-4 months, but others can take longer. Having your citizenship application professionally prepared can help you avoid any unnecessary delays or expenses and get you naturalised as quickly as possible. Here at WM Immigration we can assist you in preparing your application and completing your form to ensure you satisfy the strict Home Office British Citizenship Application requirements.

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