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Tier 2 Minister of Religion

Sponsored work visa category for religious members

What is Tier 2 Minister of religion?

This category is for people who want to take up employment or posts or roles within their faith communities in the UK as:

  • ministers of religion undertaking preaching and pastoral work;
  • missionaries; or
  • members of religious orders.

Pastoral duties include:

  • leading worship regularly and on special occasions;
  • giving religious education to children and adults by preaching or teaching;
  • officiating at marriages, funerals and other special services; and
  • offering counselling and welfare support to members of the congregation; and
  • recruiting, training and co-ordinating the work of any local volunteers and lay preachers.

Work as a missionary is not just preaching and teaching. It can include:

  • the organisation of missionary activity (but should not be administrative or clerical, unless filling a senior post);
  • supervising staff;
  • co-ordinating the organisation of missionary work;
  • being in charge of a particular activity such as accounts/finance, personnel management or IT; and
  • translating religious texts – this is missionary work, not clerical work.

The work in a religious order must be in the order itself or outside work directed by the order.

You should apply under the student category Tier 4 of the points-based system if you are a member of a religious order and you want to study for a qualification, a formal full-time course of study or training in an academic institution not looked after by the order.

Working full-time as a teacher in a school run by a church or missionary organisation does not count as missionary work. If this is the work that you will be doing, you must apply as a teacher under the Tier 2 Visa category.

Who can apply under Tier 2 Minister of religion?

Before you apply under Tier 2 Minister of religion, you must have:

When you apply you are awarded points based on your:

  • certificate of sponsorship:
  • English language skills; and
  • available maintenance (funds).

If you are a Minister of Religion or unsure what visa you need call our office for assistance obtaining your  visa to ensure you receive the best possible assistance and see how we can get this visa approved fast.

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